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The medieval village is entered through a typical medieval gateway. Of the original castle only two twelfth-century towers remain. The Savelli family transformed the original signalling towers into a fortress surrounded by ramparts, moat and drawbridge. In the following centuries it was modified further to bring it closer in appearance to a baronial seat. Apart from the massive square tower, the building you see today owes its final appearance to the eighteenth-century rebuilding work carried out by the Marquis De Gregorio. However the storerooms attached to the ramparts are medieval. Since 1980 the Palazzo Savelli has belonged to the local council. The facade on piazza Matteotti has a ‘bugnato’ gateway giving access to the main door. In the courtyard there is a well, and at one corner of the same piazza the remains of a marble column are embedded in the brickwork. Carrying on along the main street of the village you arrive at the church of Saint Thomas the Apostle, originally the castle chapel, which neglect has stripped of any particular architectural interest, but which contains some paintings by Pinturicchio and Maratta.
At the opposite end of the village, going back up from piazza Porta Vecchia, you come to the church of Saint Mary of the Mountain. The original building dates back to the eleventh century, but it has been completely rebuilt; medieval frescoes have been conserved in the apse, and renaissance frescoes depicting the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian can be found in the chapel of saint Rocco.

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